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About us Shenzhen KSAD Electronics CO., LTD.(hereinafter KSAD) is founded in 2008 as a professional CCTV product manufacturer with a medium-sized factory located in Guanlan Town of Shenzhen City. Relying on our strong R&D capability, we have developed a complete series of CCTV systematic products, such as IP camera,DVR,mini dvr, NVR,CCTV camera, Micro Digital Camera,police camera,vid...

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Company: Shenzhen KSAD Electronics CO., LTD.

Contact: Miss Lee

Tel: 86-0755-83970683

Phone: 86-18316448502

E-mail: infos@visiondrive.cc

Address: 29H.Phase B,Huaqiang Plaza,Futian District,Shenzhen City , Guangdong Province,China

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